1/35 Dougram Ver. GT DX Complete Edition

1/35 Dougram Ver. GT
1/35 Dougram Ver. GT
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Edward Elric & Alphonse Elric -Brothers-
Edward Elric & Alphonse Elric -Brothers-
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1/35 Dougram Ver. GT DX Complete Edition

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A large-size plastic model of Dougram along with the Fang of the Sun members is here!

"Not even justice, I want to get truth.
Can you see the truth!?"

From Yasuo Ohtagaki's popular serialized comic "Get Truth Fang of the Sun Dougram" comes a 1/35 scale plastic model of the main Dougram mecha! The model kit also features its gatling gun for a full recreation of the Dougram and its equipment from the series.

· Based on a newly drawn sketch by Yasuo Ohtagaki made for the creation of this kit, the Dougram and its equipment have been captured in incredible detail even large size.
· The kit comes with parts divided into different colors, allowing you to closely recreate the Dougram from the series with a simple assembly.
· Its Turbo Pack, Linear Cannon, Linear Gun, missile pod and gatling gun are all included.
· Translucent parts have been used to recreate the canopy, while the window frame is included as separate parts.
· Miniature figures of Fang of the Sun members Klin Kashim, Rocky Arndle, Canary Donett, Billy Ball, Chico Vient, Nanashi, Huckle G. Thompson and Georges J Jourdain in the same scale as the mecha are included.
· A pilot figure is included.
· The Dougram makes use of snap-fit connections for easy assembly. No glue required.

*Image is of a CG render of a complete product. Actual product will differ.
*Plastic model diagonal pliers are required for assembly.

Manufacturer Max Factory
Series Get Truth Fang of the Sun Dougram
SKU M01349
Barcode 4545784013496
MSRP 156.99
Release Date (Manufacturer) Jan-2024
US Arrival May-2024
PO Due Date 2023-06-19
Copyright 太田垣康男/小学館 (C)SUNRISE