Darkstalkers Morrigan Bishoujo

Case Closed Q Posket -Conan Edogawa-Ii(Ver.A)
Case Closed Q Posket -Conan Edogawa-Ii(Ver.A)
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MODEROID Molcar Abbey
MODEROID Molcar Abbey
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Darkstalkers Morrigan Bishoujo

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Shunya Yamashita illustrates Morrigan living freely with the power of magic and authority on her side!
The way she holds the fur on her outfit, lifting her breast with
her beautiful fingers, and sticks her tongue out from between
her shiny fangs brings out Morrigan’s confident and freehearted character.
Various interesting textures and details such as the realistic
veins are recreated using separate molds and a unique painting
method on clear material for the wings. These elements
emphasize the strange and mysterious look essential to any
The base is designed with color gradations from Morrigan's
stage in the game!
Signature qualities of a BISHOUJO-series makeover shine in this
dangerously attractive figure.
Be sure to also look forward to the next character coming to the
series, Felicia!


Manufacturer Kotobukiya
Series Darkstalkers
Upload Date 2021-10-04 09:08:00.773280
SKU KB03325
Barcode 190526033252
MSRP 119.99
Release Date (Manufacturer) May-2022
US Arrival Sep-2022
PO Due Date 2021-10-12