Blythe Suri Sustainable(re-order)

Chibi Masters Demon Slayer Wave 2
Chibi Masters Demon Slayer Wave 2
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Blythe Suri Sustainable(re-order)

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It takes a lot of effort and discipline to compost,
recycle and make things by hand.
Suri does all of that as well as grow her own vegetables.
She knits, she sews and everything she touches, grows!

“Suri Sustainable” is all about natural-colored knits!
Her outfit is coordinated with a base of off-white, green, and navy, with accent colors added with fashion accessories.
The argyle embroidered cable-knit vest fastens on both sides with a belt to create a cinched look.
She wears a hat with cable-knit ear covers that match her knitted outfit, with large pom-poms strung onto the tips of the earpieces and the top of the hat.
Her tunic-type blouse is made with two shades of green fabric switched at the top and bottom, paired with corduroy shorts.

The shoulder bag designed with faux fur on the flap is perfect for winter outings.
A pair of orange border tights and light brown half boots are on her feet.

The face type is Radiance Evolution and the face color is Latte (tanned skin) with a healthy image.
Hairstyle is long, permed dark brown hair with bangs.
Makeup is done in a healthy look that blends in with her tanned skin! Eyeshadow is olive green, blush is orange, and lips are salmon pink.
Eye colors are brown (front *special color), blue (right), light green (front *special color), and orange (left).

Face Type: Radiance Evolution 
【Face Type】Radiance Evolution 
【Face color】 Latte
【Eyeshadow】 Olive green, Lip: Salmon pink, Blush: Orange
【Eye Color】 Brown (front *special color), Blue (right), Light Green (front *special color), Orange (left)
【Eyelid】Default (skin color)
【Eyelashes】 Default (Black)
【Hair Color】Dark Brown
【Piercing】 None
【Manicure】 None

Doll, tops, vest, hat, pants, tights, bag, boots, shorts, stand (waist support type)

*This product is intended for ages 15 and up.
*Specifications may vary from product to product.

Manufacturer Good Smile Company, Good Smile Company
Upload Date 2022-07-22 18:14:53.108353
SKU G16144
Barcode 4580590161443
MSRP 138.99
Release Date (Manufacturer) Sep-2023
US Arrival Jan-2024
PO Due Date 2023-08-14
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