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Azur Lane - Ayanami
Azur Lane - Ayanami
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Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ is proud to present a selection of D-Stage, ‘Staging Your Dreams’ dioramas from the magical world of Disney and Pixar! Three of some of the most celebrated animated classics are brought to life in snapshots from famous scenes. Aladdin, Lion King and Pixar’s UP are all represented in their animated glory.

Come on a journey of wonder with the classic characters, cherished by adults and children alike and take home a magical trio of friends you know and adore.

" Diorama Stage-075/076-Disney Class Series" will be available in two packaging versions to provide fans with more options for collections.
Standard version (Transparent color box): A one-piece molded product, packed into a transparent color box. The product itself cannot be disassemble.

New version (Close color box): The items are separated into various smaller part and packed in a color paper box with heat-sealed bags. Collector need to assemble the product by yourselves. A simple assembling manual is included.

Disney’s Aladdin, a tale of magical lamps and flying carpets is a classic from the folk stories of Arabian, 1001 Nights. Following the
escapades of a street boy turned prince, Aladdin’s wildest dreams are fulfilled after coming across a magical lamp that grants its owner three wishes. From falling in love with Princess Jasmin to fighting the evil Jaffar, Aladdin is a story of courage and determination to fight for friendship, love and all that is just!

In the Beast Kingdom, D-Stage 075 diorama, our favorite Aladdin is seen sitting on a pile of treasure after being sent into the cave by the wicked sorcerer Jaffar. Upon rubbing the lamp, Aladdin is greeted by the magical genie himself, and so begins a wonderous journey of friendship. 

This encapsulated scene is designed as a snapshot for fans to take home. Made with the highest quality manufacturing and painting
techniques, Aladdin, the Genie, and the magical carpet are all visualized on top of a branded Aladdin base fit for any soon to be prince!


Manufacturer Beast Kingdom
Series Aladdin
Upload Date 2021-10-04 19:01:46.894029
SKU BK07952
Barcode 4710586079524
MSRP 35.99
Release Date (Manufacturer) Dec-2021
US Arrival Feb-2022
PO Due Date 2021-06-01
Copyright (c) Disney