Akasa Ai 1/5 Komiya Yukari suntanned ver.

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Akasa Ai 1/5 Komiya Yukari suntanned ver.

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Yukari Komiya, an original character created by popular illustrator Ai Akasa, makes a new appearance in a wheat-colored tanned image! Based on an original illustration by Ms. Akasa, this 1/5 scale figure is packed with a sense of excitement and presence. With her reddish-brown twin-tails, energetic expression, and healthy body with sunburn marks, Yukari-chan is in a thrilling situation combined with her bare summer school uniform! Her bold outfit of transparent white knee-high stockings and short skirt is also a highlight. She also comes with a replaceable "embarrassed face" as well as parts for her skirt and pants that she is about to take off. Of course, the outfit can be cast off! Imagine different scenes and enjoy the various combinations.

【PR Points】
・Ai Akasa's original character "Yukari Komiya" is now available in a new color and tanned image.
・The sculpting and coloring focuses on the movement and three-dimensionality of the hair.
・She is dressed in her summer school uniform with her arms rolled up, and her mature black underwear is very attractive.
・The white knee-high stockings are exquisitely transparent, and the tanning marks and other textures have been carefully sculpted and painted.
・She comes with skirt and pants parts that she is about to take off.
・She also comes with a replaceable "embarrassed face" part.
・Shirt, skirt and underwear can be cast off. You can enjoy Yukari in various situations.

18+ ONLY

Manufacturer Bishop's Rondo
Series Original Character
SKU BI11117
Barcode 4905083111178
MSRP 210.99
Release Date (Manufacturer) Nov-2023
US Arrival Mar-2024
PO Due Date 2023-06-19
Copyright あかさあい
R18+ Yes