1/450 Space Runaway Ideon Anime Color ver.

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1/24 Kunny'z JZX100 CHASER TOURER V '98 (TOYOTA)
1/24 Kunny'z JZX100 CHASER TOURER V '98 (TOYOTA)
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1/450 Space Runaway Ideon Anime Color ver.

MSRP : $ 64.99
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【Product Description】
ACKS is proud to present a new version of Ideon, Space Runaway Ideon in anime colors! The proportions and the highly flexible range of motion of each part of the figure have been kept, but the color scheme has been revived to reflect the colors used in the anime! Of course, the Ideon Sword, Wave Gun, and missile firing effects are also included! The package is also illustrated by Hidetaka Tenjin. You can also enjoy the heroic figure of Ideon as the package art! The remains of the Sixth civilization, Ideon. Please enjoy every inch of the legendary Giant Warrior once again roaring far into the distance!

・Color-coded molding with no need for stickers
・Snap kit with no adhesive required
・24cm in height.
・Molding colors have been changed to reflect the colors used in the anime.
・Proportions have been carefully designed and rearranged.
・Highly flexible range of motion at each joint.
・Newly designed package by Hidetaka Tenjin

【Product Specification】
Scale: 1/450
Size: approx. 240mm in height
Material: PS/ABS/PE
・Snap kit with no adhesive required
・Color-coded molding
・4 hand parts included
・Visor parts (3 types included)
・Ideon Sword, Wave Motion Gun and Missile Firing Effects included
・Includes one “Jong” white soldier-only mobile mecha of the same scale.

※The image is a prototype and has been colored for photography. It may differ from the actual product.
※This kit cannot be separated or combined.
※This product is a plastic model kit. Tools are required for assembly. 


Manufacturer Aoshima
Series Space Runaway
Upload Date 2024-06-26 21:36:42.350645
SKU AO06836
Barcode 4905083068366
MSRP 64.99
Release Date (Manufacturer) Nov-2024
US Arrival Jan-2025
PO Due Date 2024-07-15
Copyright サンライズ