1/64 GRAND CHAMPION COLLECTION Part.15 (Box including 12pcs)

Honkai: Star Rail Chibi Figure -Time Of Departure- Luocha
Honkai: Star Rail Chibi Figure -Time Of Departure- Luocha
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Nendoroid Ginko
Nendoroid Ginko
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1/64 GRAND CHAMPION COLLECTION Part.15 (Box including 12pcs)

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The world's lowest miniature car!

【Product Description】
The absolutely popular Kenmeri GT-R and the extremely chic Hakosuka 4Dr join the lineup!
The tuning machines that were popular among the young and trendy in the 80's have been made into 1/64 sized miniature cars. The customization and wheels of the time have been fully reproduced in a small body of about 70mm.

【Product Specifications】
・Two colors for each of the six car models
・Product size (when packaged individually): 80mm x 115mm x 40mm
・Inner box size: 165mm x 115mm x 245mm
・Body: Die-cast (zinc alloy)
・Chassis and interior: ABS
・Transparent parts: GP
・Tires: PVC (non-phthalate)
・Scale: 1/64

【Model Description】
■S30 Fairlady Z ①② 1969 (S30)
This is a simple customization of an early model S30 Fairlady Z. It is neatly put together with an unknown manufacturer's F-spoiler and 240Z fenders and wings.

■LB Works Hakosuka 2Dr ① ② 1971 (GC10)
This Hakosuka 2Dr is the treasure of "Shakotan★Koyaji" aka Wataru Kato, the representative of Liberty Walk. Koyaji's special fenders, bumper-less front and rear, and side mufflers give it a wild finish.

■Hakosuka 4Dr①② 1971 (GC10)
The short ride height suits the 4-dr. The appearance, which is kept as simple as possible with only a chin spoiler, gives a good impression. However, if you look closely, you'll see some modest changes such as the twin eyes and late grille. The one-legged roll bar is also a rare sight.

■Kemmeri GT-R ①② 1973 (KPGC110)
It's a simple customization of a Kenmeri GT-R. The base is just a base, so it's a good idea not to overdo it. The exterior is only chin spoiler, and the interior is buckets, steering wheel, roll bar, and so on.

■Japan 2Dr①② 1979 (C210)
Based on the early model, the face and blinkers were transplanted from the Laurel, and it is equipped with chin spoiler and 3-part putty-filler. The roll bar inside the car and dual mufflers, which can be said to be the standard, give the specs a hardcore atmosphere.

■71 Mark II ①② 1987 (GX71)
It's a 71 Mark II with short ride height. The specifications are so simple that no explanation is needed. It's a style that's becoming more and more common these days.


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