Miyu Mifune-off stage

MEA-010 Disney Best Friend Pumbaa (CB)
MEA-010 Disney Best Friend Pumbaa (CB)
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G.E.M.  Demon Slayer PALM SIZE KANAO [with gift]
G.E.M. Demon Slayer PALM SIZE KANAO [with gift]
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Miyu Mifune-off stage

MSRP : $ 179.99
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A new project from Kotobukiya is here! This new project showcases idols in their true off-stage mode; a sight that can normally only be seen by a producer! 

From the popular mobile game and spinoff anime, The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, Miyu Mifune is the first in the lineup for this new “-off stage-” project! The special “Idol Produce: Kamakura Hydrangea Patrol” event features Miyu in various situations, but this statue brings out her charm in one still moment.

Miyu has been sculpted with a soft expression and a gentle smile on her face, fully recreating her beauty. Behind her, an elaborately sculpted hydrangea adorns the entire figure.

This figure showcases an idol with her producer on a normal day. Be sure to get your hands on this figure to experience the life of a producer in your very own home!

Manufacturer Kotobukiya
SKU KB02387
Barcode 4934054023875
MSRP 179.99
Release Date (Manufacturer) Mar-2021
US Arrival Jul-2021
PO Due Date 2020-10-08
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